AMS User’s Group

We have found that many R.O.Writer users want to get more out of their R.O. Writer Program and many have advanced questions which can sometimes be better answered by other R.O. Writer users. These shop owners want more detailed reports, and want to learn more through online classes, and connect with each other. To that end, the AMS User’s Group is a resource for R.O. Writer Users, which provides access to custom reports, online classes, and membership in the AMS User’s Group on Facebook.

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Membership – $19.95 per month (no contract required)

Online Classes included with the User Group:

We have had great response to our classes in North Carolina, and when we have taken them on the road. But it is not always easy for shop owners to take a full day off, or travel several hours (or states!) away to attend the class. AMS has invested in an online training tool, and we plan on rolling out at least 1 online course every month. They will typically be between 1 to 2 hours long, and are no additional charge for member of the User’s Group. Non-Members can also attend for $29.

Topics covered:
  • New Service Writer Training
  • Setting Up Your Linear Price Matrix
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Scheduler
  • And many others

AMS User Group Forum on Facebook

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The User Group will be setup as a Facebook closed group. A Facebook closed group allows everyone to see the group, and who the members are, but the posts are not visible to non-members. So people outside the group will be able to see that you are part of the group, but they will not be able to see any of the posts. Also, people are not able to join the group without AMS’s permission. A Facebook account is required to join the group.

Note: This group is moderated by AMS and NOT by R.O. Writer. It is meant to provide a method for shop owners facing similar challenges to help each other, and as a means for AMS to help answer frequently asked questions once, where all members can see the answers or best practices. It is not meant as an alternative to your R.O. Writer support, and it is not meant to provide feedback directly to R.O. Writer.

Our goal is to provide this group as a very cost effective way to learn how to utilize more of your R.O. Writer software. Our plan is to continue to evolve this group, to use it disseminate information, post videos on common and advanced tasks, and share best practices.

Sample User Group Posts


Custom Reports included with the User Group:

Members of the User Group will get access to Free and Discounted custom reports and tools that allow you to get information out of your R.O. Writer database that you can’t get with the standard Reports.

  • Including: FREE Email Export tool – Getting all of your customer emails into Excel
  • FREE Sales by Day of the Week report – Should you be open on Saturday?
  • FREE Parts in Progress report – Useful to see Inventory value of Parts on Open tickets
  • More FREE reports to come, and discounted pricing on many more custom reports!