Automotive Management Solution’s goal is to help your shop become more successful than ever imagined, using the best available shop management system on the market, and supported by unrivaled, hands-on customer service and training.

We strive to make every customer happy, and to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of our existing customers are saying.

This is an awesome system that actually does everything as advertised. It actually pays for itself in time saved as well as increased profit margins and better inventory control. I was kinda skeptical at first but am a true believer in ro writer now!

Rick Kelso, President at Rick’s Car Care Inc.


We purchased RO Writer from AMS (Automotive Management Solutions) about 4 months ago. The entire experience has been excellent and exceeded my expectations. The software itself is very robust and reliable. After the initial onsite installation and training they followed up every week for a month to address any questions or issues we had. The staff are super knowledgeable and friendly. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service we received. The folks at AMS are not only expert in the RO Writer software, they are also expert in the automotive repair industry. RO Writer has been a major contributor to our growth and increased profitability.

Michael Paul, Owner at The Plains Service Center


I’ve been using R.O. Writer now for 2 months. I’m very impressed with all the features its has, and what it can do for you as a shop owner and with the day to day business.
I went to the classes that AMS offered, which were very helpful. I strongly recommend attending them. They were very informative and it helped to be able to have a work station that was your own shop to practice on. I’m thankful Terri, gave that extra push for me to take a extra look at what R.O. Writer can actually do for you.

Rebecca Humphreys, owner at Aquia Car Care Center

We have been using R.O. Writer for over 11 years. We believe it to be one of the best integrated packages on the market. There are many modules that are available. We have the professional edition. We tried another product for 30 days. We went right back to R.O. Writer. The support staff is knowledgeable and can troubleshoot any problems quickly. The AMS team, specifically Terri Brauning, works hard to keep us updated on any new bells and whistles. We highly recommend R.O. Writer for shop management.

Barb Main, Owner at J&J Automotive Services


Although our company has used ROWriter for years, I wasn’t all that familiar. Terri came out without hesitation, and within an hour had me breezing through the program

Brian Bower, Service Manager at Warrenton Auto Service


This program has changed my shop in so many ways. The ease of use for myself and my technicians is amazing. The program has sped up the cycle of building estimates, turning jobs and has prevented several ordering errors. I am always trying to find that “easy button”, well, I have found it! The support is outstanding, they are always glad to help. When looking for the next tool for your shop to make you more efficient, consider the backbone of your operation. Now that my techs can do estimates, order parts and close out tickets, I have time to spend with the clients to better our relationship and have personal time as well.

Nathan Evans, Owner/Operator at Auto Wholesale Tire and Service

We switched from all data manage to RO writer about a year ago and couldn’t be more pleased with the switch. The system has everything a young shop wants, ease of email functionality, documentation saved so we can “save a tree”, marketing in a few clicks, works with other electronic savvy companies to spend less time focusing on the day to day but on the business growing, no more waiting on hold to order parts!! They are constantly making changes as more technology is available which is quite important to us. Our rep Terri Brauning has been nothing shy of remarkable from point of sale and continues to answer calls/emails quickly. Couldn’t ask for more. You won’t be unhappy with your purchase you will have a much better understanding of your business with all the reports you can run and with a better understanding comes more profit!

Rebecca R at FAR auto

I tried several shop management softwares and RO Writer suits my application perfect. RO Writer works like my old handwritten forms, parts on one side and labor on the other. With Smart e CAT, I can look up parts, order parts from my selected parts store and post to ro from same page.
Labor time can also be looked up and posted to ro from Smart e CAT, seamless. It takes less than 5 minutes to do an estimate. I have Q’books integrated also so “end of day” report only takes a couple minutes to complete and post . There are lots of reports available to manage my shop. Support has been great from my salesman and RO Writer support. No cons just pros.

Reggie Denney, founder and owner since 1979 at Reggie Denney Auto Repair

I switched to R.O.Writer from Shopkey (which I had been using since 2001) March 2013. This was a very big move for me because I was so used to shopkey and the thought of changing my POS system was daunting. The changeover was seamless and all my customer data from shopkey was migrated over without any issues. The technician that came out to set everything up was very knowledgeable and set up many of my smart jobs while training us.

Shopkey was a good work horse but had it’s limitations. R.O. Writer, in my opinion, is second to none and is only limited by the user. I have recommended this POS system to shop owners in my network group at ATI and many have made the switch and are very thankful that I turned them on to R.O. Writer. Anytime any issues have come up (which is very rare) their customer support is great and fixes the issue usually in minutes!

Any shop looking to take the next step to increase business needs to take a look at this software! I’ll be more than happy to share my results if you are considering this system.

Carlos Infante, Owner at Foreign Auto Services

If you have R.O. Writer, you need to use AMS and their knowledgeable people to get the most out of R.O. Writer. The user and owner in person classes in NC are amazing and you learn things that you can immediately use at the shop to make money. You can call and get help very quickly. Customer service in great. And the Facebook User Group is a must have for you and all the people at your facility to learn how to be efficient at using RO Writer.

Tim Smith, American & Import Auto Repair


I have four locations that Automotive Management Solutions has installed R.O. writer. I would like to thank Mike and the AMS staff for all of their support!

Justin Johnson, Founder at Thrifty Tire


We have used R.O. Writer since the early nineties, It has performed beyond our exceptions. When we have had issues with a glitch or two Mike and all the support team have always been quick to help resolve problems. With all the choices out there today, I would pick RO Writer again.

Dean Bailey, President at King’s Auto Service, Inc.

Just had to drop a little note to say thanks ive had R O WRITER since 2005 and had no problems what so ever but after having a virus on one of my computers was unable to reinstall ro writer on that computer since 2008 did not call ro writer as i made due with the one however MIKE McCrickard stopped by today just to see how we were doing and within a matter of minutes he had RO back up and going strong no more trips to back computer to print tickets and do estimates and then he wouldnt even charge me what a blessing thanks Mike and RO Writer



Our company has been using RO Writer since 2003. Our first communication with RO Writer was the initial class that we attended which taught one valuable profit item before we even decided to purchase the software. That one small valuable profit item has created over $219,000.00 since install. That’s nothing to put on the back burner and say I will check this program out later when I have time. I remember thinking to myself if I had missed this one small profit maker for all these years and this FREE class gave me the information I needed, then RO Writer must be even better and I was excited to purchase the program. Once purchasing the program an extremely knowledgeable gentleman, Mike McCrickard, came to our facility for the install and there we were moving on to more profitability and ease of operations. Over the years as we have grown we have also used more and more of the program. There is so much information and profit creating items within the system it’s amazing. From something as simple as a daily report literally at your finger tips to being able to view the last ten years of our business at a glance. Daily operations, monthly reports, annual reviews, inventory, accounting, employee tracking, and that’s just to start. Hang on because this program will take you and your business where you want to go. The only thing you have to lose if you don’t purchase the program is money. Once you are able to use all the features of the program with your associates on board the rest is like a day at the park! Step one: Purchase the program! Fast forward to the last step and make $ome $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Tracey Duke, Owner at Duke’s Tire Inc


RO Writer and AMS they’re the best! We chose ROWriter for a variety of reasons and accepted recommendations from several sources. We heard many times how RO Writer is the Cadillac of all the database/invoicing/marketing programs for the automotive industry. We’re glad we purchased through AMS. Their people are experts, very, very knowledgeable. Plus they are always friendly. They are eager to help us and answer all our questions in a professional manner. When we train on R.O. Writer, we only choose to attend classes held by AMS – Automotive Management Software located in Apex, NC. When you’re in the market for reliable, comprehensive software, R.O. Writer should be at the TOP of your list. Buy the minimum to get started and upgrade as you’re ready or start with the Pro and all modules for a complete package. So when you’re ready for the best software and want the best support, call on AMS for your install, initial training and your ongoing training.

Rhoda C. Nelson, Co-Owner/VP at Aaron’s Car Care, Inc.

I had used 2 other so called great programs over a 4 year time span and had nothing but problems weekly. The last one was so bad it just about put me out of business. My mistake was I tried to cut corners and save a little money on the monthly payment for the program. R.O. Writer more than makes up for this in a couple different setting in the software. If you are looking for a great program with great support R.O. Writer is the way to go.

Eric Wray, Owner at Auto Tech

We switched to RO writer about 8 months ago after 20 years with another software company. For a long time I was looking for a program to cover everything I needed. This program has allowed us to do everything at one work station. It handles your marketing and also allows you to intergrate with other marketing programs such as Demand Force and Royalty Rewards. Your able to analyze margins in parts and labor in real time. Customer service has been great for us, anytime we have a question it gets answered quickly. We have had RO writer for about 8 months and with the gross profit lift it has paid for itself. This program is not for the feint hearted, it is intense and challenging to learn. But once you get it all figured out it becomes routine . You will also ask yourself why did I wait so long to buy it. So I wish you the best if you decide to buy it, because it is the best.

Steve Connolly, President at EASAUTO

We have been on RO writer for almost 2 years now. This is the most efficient and easy to use software there is. From you daily counter use to profit reports it will do it all. So happy we chose this software for our shop. And if you have any questions the help line is only a phone call away.

Billy Lackey at Southern Wheel

This is the best product of it’s kind. I’ve been using RO Writer for the past 3 years and couldn’t be happier. Great product support.
Keep up the good work.

John Crowder, owner at Bradham Automotive

We switched from another management system two years ago, and have not looked back. We have been extremely happy, and actually even beta tested some of their new software for them. The support is top notch as well. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Cody Downes, Owner at Murrysville Auto Clinic Inc